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At Flight Centre we are long-haul, tailor-made holiday specialists offering amazing travel experiences. Our lovely humans Travel Consultants have a real can-do attitude, and are passionate about sharing their stories and travel news with you on our blog!

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9 of the Best Fireworks Displays in the World
It's that time of year again – the day of winter thermals, wellies, fairground rides, food truck burgers and of course: SPARKLERS. Yup, you guessed it: it's Bonfire... Read More »
Top 10 Adventure Activities From Around the World
If your ideal holiday is less strolling around a new place taking in the sights and more dangling four hundred feet above them, then this is for you. From coming face to... Read More »
10 Reasons to Love Barbados
What's not to love about Barbados? As far as Nadine Stewart is concerned,  there's so much to this beautiful island that it's hard to narrow down just ten... Read More »
Scaling the Limestone Cliffs of Malta
The rock climbing in Malta is some of the best in Europe, says Cat Mills. So she jumps at the opportunity to try it.   This might be a misleading title –... Read More »
5 Music Festivals You Must Experience
A version of this post originally appeared on our Canada blog. Attending a music festival is a great way to escape the every day, get creative with your wardrobe and... Read More »
Ranked: The Best & Worst Cities for LGBT Travellers
When we think of safe cities for LGBTQ+ travellers, it’s easy to get swept up by what destinations hold the best Pride events. But there’s so much more to it than... Read More »
Month by Month: Where to Go in Europe
With crisp snowy winters and glorious sunny summers, our neighbours in continental Europe are always worth a visit. At Flight Centre, we're here to help you find the... Read More »
Tiles and Other Things to Do in Lisbon
Here we catch up with the Cortiço brothers - owners of Cortiço & Netos, a tile shop in Lisbon - to find out what they love about the Portugese... Read More »
The Dubai Stopover Guide
If you rise early to wander the streets of Dubai’s old quarter, Bastakiya, with its perfectly preserved merchants’ houses and minarets launching the distant calls of... Read More »
Our Guide to Refundable Airfares
Whether it’s changing border regulations, the introduction of travel bans or a change in your circumstances due to coronavirus, keeping your bookings flexible has... Read More »
Whale Watching in the Azores
Here travel writer Ben Whitmarsh tells us more about whale and dolphin watching in the Azores... Did you know the Azores is the most westerly point in... Read More »
An Expert's Guide to Europe
“From Ibiza’s pink and pretty sunsets to unbelievably good pasta in Italy and historic cities like Amsterdam, Europe is such a versatile destination.” Ruth... Read More »
Hoppy Days: A California Craft Beer Road Trip
“The whole modern-day craft beer movement kicked off in California, with breweries like San Francisco’s Anchor and Sierra Nevada in Chico leading the charge. This... Read More »
A Guide to Road Tripping in Oman
A road trip around Oman is a truly adventurous experience. Here we talk to Flight Centre customer Jane McNicholas and her husband Pierre about the outstanding... Read More »
Things to Do in Australia's South
“Friendly people, pristine wilderness, world-class culture, coast and countryside. There’s a lot to love here. And that’s without mentioning the wine!” says... Read More »
How to Spend a Weekend in Austin
Austin is the perfect place to spend a long weekend! Famed for its live music and refreshingly alternative identity, the Texas state capital is also compact and... Read More »
South Africa
In the Spotlight: South Africa
South Africa is one of Africa's most unique and vibrant destinations. To experience the best of it, you’ll need to cover a lot of ground... Experience the... Read More »
East Coast USA
A Guide to a Small Group Journey Through New England
Small Group Journeys through New England’s picturesque villages and historic cities offer more than just a driver, says Ed Pettitt from Back-Roads Touring. Leaving the... Read More »
Discovering the Best Food in Australia's South
Australia's South is full of the freshest, local dishes, bursting with flavour. From hotspots like Melbourne and Adelaide to Tasmania and Kangaroo Island,... Read More »
Indian Ocean
In the Spotlight: Indian Ocean
Treat yo’self! And where better to do that than the Indian Ocean? Boasting a 5-star line-up that includes the likes of the Maldives, Mauritius,... Read More »
Highlights of the Orient Express
The remarkabe Orient Express is an amazing travel experience in itself. “Everything onboard perfectly complements the train’s history…” Flight Centre’s... Read More »
Video Blog: Why We Love Thailand
There’s a reason Thailand is the most-visited country in Southeast Asia. City, jungle and beach: what more could you want from a holiday destination? Immerse yourself... Read More »
Video Blog: Grab a Dose of Canada Travel Inspiration
Here at Flight Centre UK, we just love Canada – it's one of our top places that we can't wait to get back to. Whether you're searching for whales and... Read More »
Where in the World: Places We Can't Wait to Get Back to
Whilst we wait for a time when we can ALL travel again with NO worries, this week we decided to share with you the destinations that our people... Read More »
New Zealand
Discovering the Locals of New Zealand
Meet the locals of New Zealand as they rave about everything the destination has to offer. New Zealand’s dramatic landscape speaks for itself, but it’s the people... Read More »
Travel Blogs to Inspire Your Lockdown Viewing
Our Easter = chasing the sunniest spots in the house, navigating virtual egg hunts with our nearest and dearest and, best of all, one epic movie marathon. Sound... Read More »
Travel Inspiration From Our Favourite Bloggers
Are you finding yourself staring out of your windows these days, bored of the same-old outlook? Are your feet getting itchier by the minute? Are you dreaming of distant... Read More »
Top Tips for Planning Your Holiday With Us

Meet Flight Centre Expert Lucy Rosa, as she explains why booking with us is the best way to travel and experience the world.

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South Africa
Discovering South Africa
Discover everything South Africa has to offer. From open roads to old-world trains and luxury camps, South Africa has a Journey for every type of traveller. Here three... Read More »
A Guide to a Round the World Airfares Itinerary
Our Specialist Airfares team can turn any itinerary into an awe-inspiring round-the-world adventure of a lifetime. Here, Flight Centre expert, Joseph Campbell, tells us... Read More »
How to Spend a Weekend in Vancouver
Vancouver. Where mighty Canadian mountains frame the city and the skyline is peppered with sparkling skyscrapers. Having lived here for a decade, Flight Centre's... Read More »
An Insider's Guide to Italy's Food Culture
Nonna knows best when it comes to Italian cuisine. Here we find local dives and city secrets to the best bites in Italy. Pasta buff Vicky Bennison introduces... Read More »
Adventures in Moscow
Visiting Moscow is like stepping into a history book from childhood, writes Sophie Williams. From navigating the depths of the city’s metro, to high tea with high... Read More »
A Guide to Mexico's Best Beaches
Stretching 80 miles from Cancún to Tulum on the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico’s Riviera Maya coastline features some of the best beaches on the globe, the world’s... Read More »
Four Hidden Gems in Thailand
We all know that Thailand is a dream destination with perfect beaches, clear seas, limestone peaks and some exciting hustle in the streets of Bangkok. Areas such as... Read More »
South Pacific
Top 10 Things to Do in Fiji
Heading for Fiji? There's so much to this South Pacific gem than just beaches and overwater bungalows. Discover what we're talking about with our guide to the top 10... Read More »
How to Spend 72 Hours in Rome
We absolutely love Rome: the architecture, the history, the culture – and did we mention the food? Some of the best cuisine you'll ever taste can be found in... Read More »
A Long Weekend in Cape Town

Huenu Solsona, founder of Cape Town’s Galileo Open Air Cinema, shares her perfect weekend of winelands and waterfronts…

Read More »
How to do Dubai differently
Travel blogger Jai Yehai tells us the top things to do in Dubai, whether you want to see the main attractions or see another side to Dubai and do things a little... Read More »
Top 10 Pools Worth Drooling Over
Looking for the perfect poolside retreat? We’ve searched far and wide for the most unique pools that you’ll definitely want to dive into on your next holiday.... Read More »
Singapore Fling
Joshua Cheung, stylist and former fashion director at luxury mag L’Officiel Singapore, opens up his little black book of boutiques and style... Read More »
Exploring Mexico's Historic Side at Monte Alban
Monte Alban has been bewitching travellers for millennia. Amongst clouds of butterflies, fields of wild flowers, and the odd silver-tongued souvenir seller, seek out... Read More »
Tales from the Road: South Africa
Dutch photographer and photo-blogger Water van Zwienen found history, wildlife and raw beauty in abundance on a dream road trip across South Africa...As a child I... Read More »
South America
Travel Icon: Machu Picchu
Tread lightly on your trail to witness one of Earth’s engineering marvels, the Peruvian sanctuary of Machu Picchu. Photographer Pedro Pulido tells us why its magic... Read More »
Perfect Match: Attending an Indian Wedding
The ultimate celebration of love, a wedding can also show a country’s true cultural colours. Sophie Ibbotson loses her heart to India on a unique adventure...I could... Read More »
The Hong Kong Stopover Guide
A harbour city known for its densely packed streets and soaring skyline, Hong Kong offers an abundance of significant landmarks and exciting experiences in the shadow of... Read More »
Solo Travel: A Group Adventure in Vietnam and Cambodia
Ali Cairns heads to Southeast Asia for a much-needed break from reality... I have always loved travelling. But since backpacking in my twenties, I’ve been pretty... Read More »
Spiritual Awakening in Bali
Isabel Dexter takes a solo trip to Bali to teach yoga and awaken her sense of adventure...For a long time, I was one of those people who talked a lot... Read More »
Solo Travel: A City Break in Avignon
Chris Butcher gives herself a much-needed boost in France...You either get busy dying, or you get busy living – and I wanted to get busy living! The history of Avignon... Read More »
Festivals Around the World
Stuck for ideas on where to go next? Find inspiration in our month-by-month guide to epic events across the globe in 2019...January: Sydney FestivalWhen: 9th -... Read More »
Eastern USA: Boston to New York and Washington DC
Midway through my plate of delicious lobster ravioli, it starts: “Do you mind if I take a quick picture?” There’s a queue of tourists – writes Clare Thorp... Read More »
Slice of Sunshine: Queensland's best food
Famed for its incredible coastline, Queensland can also kick it with the best of ‘em when it comes to gastronomic prowess. Ashley Wright – aka Cairns born-and-bred... Read More »
A Stopover Guide to Kuala Lumpur
For an Asian city, Kuala Lumpur is by no means an old city. A town carved out of virgin jungle in the mid-19th century by Chinese and Malaysian tin... Read More »
The Best Beaches in the Caribbean
This article was taken from the latest issue of our travel magazine, The Experts.Just being surrounded by sun, sea and sand is good for the soul, so why not choose one... Read More »
The Best Ways to Explore Australia
From soaring above the world’s largest coral reef to hiking mountain passes and paddling down majestic rivers, there are as many ways to explore Australia as there are... Read More »
Hawaii: Top Tips from the Locals
It’s where volcanoes rise up through fragrant air, tropical waters teem with wildlife and a traditional culture is treasured – and shared. There’s no place on... Read More »
Life Below Zero in Antarctica

Wildlife photographer Ginny Scholes fulfilled a lifelong dream when she took her camera on an Antarctic expedition:

Read More »
An Expert's Guide to Victoria
Flight Centre's Victoria Expert Nikki Metcalfe has been to Australia 10 times and spent three months travelling around Victoria. She says "This small state is so... Read More »
Road Tripping from Melbourne

A full spectrum of attractions within a two-hour radius makes Melbourne the ideal starting point for a road trip in Victoria, says Kathleen Prior...

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In Conversation with Sharron Davies
Olympic medallist Sharron Davies MBE presented awards at this year’s Flight Centre Schools Triathlon. Here the former competitive swimmer tells us she still loves to... Read More »
A Flight Centre Concierge Guide to the Top Things to Do in Boston
Planning your trip to Boston? As one of the oldest cities in the USA, there's so much to see and do here. And, known as the walking city, Flight Centre... Read More »
The World's Most Glamorous Train Journeys
Taking us back to an era when travelling by train was a glamorous affair, these classic rail Journeys encourage us to take it easy and enjoy the... Read More »
Discovering Arizona's Flourishing Food Scene
A big state that’s big on flavour, Arizona will surprise and delight. Helen Wright gets a taste of what’s on offer from Pavle Milic, a pioneer in the Phoenix... Read More »
Why You Should Start Your City Break with a Walking Tour
Flight Centre's Sue Johnson, loves a walking tour, and here she tells us why it's the first thing she does on arrival in a new destination...Flights booked. Hotel... Read More »
An Expert's Guide to California
Flight Centre’s California Expert Rachel Newton has worked at Flight Centre for four years and has been to California five times. She says: ”Anything you... Read More »
Western Australia
An Expert's Guide to Western Australia
”It’s so different to the rest of the country. The vibe is really relaxed and the coastline is stunning, with amazing walks and so much incredible marine life."... Read More »
An Insider's Guide to Vietnam
Local knowledge is the key to unlocking the secrets of a place. That’s why we’ve partnered with Buffalo Tours for our Asia Journeys. Meet Tuong, your Vietnamese... Read More »
Why You Should Take a Back-Roads Tour in Asia
Imagine a holiday that combines the advantages of small-group tours with the one-of-a-kind experiences of independent travel. Ellie Fazan finds that a Flight... Read More »
Meeting the Locals in Tasmania
There are many special things about Tasmania, not least the quirks of its landscape and the characters who call it home. From a couple who make award-winning... Read More »
A Guide to Western Australia's Northern Region
With the new non-stop Qantas flight from London to Perth, the gateway to Western Australia, this spectacular state is finally getting the attention it... Read More »
7 of the Best Summer Solstice Celebrations in Europe
We might have Stonehenge, but our European neighbours celebrate the summer solstice in many different ways. We all have one thing in common, though: as the Earth’s... Read More »
Washington DC
Exploring the USA with United Airlines
United Airlines offers unrivalled access to the USA, flying non-stop from London Heathrow to Washington, DC, its US hub. This makes the nation’s capital the perfect... Read More »
How to Make the Most of Your Family Adventure Holiday
You don’t have to book one of our inclusive Journey or Escape holidays to make the most of our knowledge. To ensure your trip is extra special, our Travel Experts... Read More »
Where to Eat in Washington DC
Often misrepresented as a place for politics not play, Washington, DC is bursting with creativity and tasty bites. Here, our local food fanatic – Vina Sananikone... Read More »
The Ultimate 50 Things to Do in Australia
Australia may be big, but our Travel Experts know it better than anyone - which is where this epic list comes in. Escape the tourist horde and really get under the skin... Read More »
In Your Wildest Dreams: the Quirkiest Hotels in Canada
For a chance to see incredible wildlife, explore the great outdoors, taste outstanding local produce and sleep in hotels that are (almost) out of this world, there's no... Read More »
Western Australia
Tales from the Road in Western Australia
A mighty wave, bathed in sunlight, towers above me as I squint up at the brilliant blue sky beyond, writes Helen Ochyra. But it’s not going to come crashing down any... Read More »
Western Australia
Campervanning in Western Australia
Perth is one of the most remote cities in the world. But it’s never been easier to travel there, with the first direct link between London and Perth launching earlier... Read More »
Australia’s Food & Wine Highlights
Australians take their food and drink very seriously so prepare yourself for a journey into excellent cuisine.Some of the world’s finest restaurants are found in... Read More »
Where to Find Wildlife and Nature in Australia
Nothing beats the exhilarating feeling you get when you spot wild animals in their natural habitat. It can make for an unforgettable holiday experience. Much of... Read More »
New Orleans
How to Spend 72 Hours in New Orleans
Embarking on a trip to one of the most fascinating cities in the USA? Before you head to New Orleans - whether it be for Mardi Gras or just to stuff your face with... Read More »
Top Tips for Booking your Queensland Holiday with Flight Centre
Planning your trip to the land Down Under? Flight Centre can help you plan the best Queensland holiday, as Brighton Travel Expert Mel Donoghue explains. Fresh... Read More »
Why a Mediterranean Cruise is the Perfect Family Holiday
Linda Aitchison combined European culture and family fun on her first ever cruise, here she shares her experience...My fearless daughter Emily whoops with delight as she... Read More »
Why Japan Offers the Perfect Cruising Holiday
Caroline Gladstone experienced the endless diversity of Japan on a circular, springtime cruise around the coast of Honshu. Here, we catch up with her about her... Read More »
Los Angeles
How to Spend 72 Hours in Los Angeles
Most people visit Los Angeles to see Hollywood or Disney. Having been to both I would definitely recommend them but there is a lot more to see and do in this city. There... Read More »
Cruising from Sydney to New Zealand
Sally Macmillan has made two previous trips to New Zealand, but a luxury cruise out of Sydney proved to be her standout voyage...Sydney’s beaches, Opera House and... Read More »
How to Spend 72 Hours in Florence
One of our favourite Italian cities, it’s easy to spend days in Florence and still feel like you’ve barely scratched the surface. If you’re keen to get a... Read More »
New South Wales
An Expert’s Guide to Victoria and New South Wales
“From the buzz of city life to the serenity of nature-packed national parks, via some of the most pristine beaches on Earth, it’s endlessly inspirational here.”... Read More »
How to Spend 72 Hours in Melbourne
Melbourne is one of our all-time favourite cities. There's always something new to love about the place; whether it’s rooftop cocktail bars in Fitzroy or... Read More »
3 of the Best Multi-Stop Flight Itineraries
With a multi-stop airfare, the world is your oyster. Whether you want to add an offbeat pit stop on the way to your main destination, or go on a once-in-a-lifetime... Read More »
How to Spend 72 Hours in Chicago
Chicago is a city bursting with amazing architecture, awesome art and fantastic food! It is often unfairly overlooked in favour of New York or San Francisco, but trust... Read More »
An Expert's Guide to Cruise Holidays
Flight Centre’s Steven McLean has been to 34 countries, and his all-time favourite way to travel is by ship. There are many different ways to cruise; here Steve... Read More »
Santa Monica
How to Spend a Long Weekend in Santa Monica
In a city famed for its beaches, pier, markets and art-filled streets, resident Evan Meyer – founder of the Beautify Earth initiative – leads the way on a... Read More »
South America
Where to Shop in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Personal shopper, writer and stylist Sophie Lloyd has lived in Buenos Aires for seven years. Through her company, Shop Hop BA, she provides tailored introductions to the... Read More »
A Flight Centre Concierge Guide to 72 Hours in Sydney
There are so many famous sights to see in Sydney that it can take ages to decide where to start. So with this in mind, Flight Centre Concierge Vicky Savage... Read More »
How to Holiday in Sri Lanka
With its sights and sounds, scents and flavours, Sri Lanka will awaken your mind, body and soul, writes Joanna... Read More »
The Best Swimming Spots Along the Sydney to Melbourne Coast
Tidal pools, secluded waterholes, dramatic waterfalls… Christine Faughlin dips her toe into some spectacular swimming spots along the Melbourne to Sydney coastal... Read More »
A Gourmet Guide to Icelandic Food
Fish doesn’t have to travel far to get from sea to plate Reykjavik, located as it is on the coast of a small island surrounded by icy cool waters. “Arctic, char,... Read More »
New Zealand
Tramping along New Zealand's Milford Track
Tramping – or trekking to us Brits – is a national pastime in New Zealand.  And with all that beauty in the backyard, it’s easy to see why Mark Boucher... Read More »
Experience the USA’s Wild West in Colorado
From the great landscapes of the American West to the cosmopolitan city of Denver, Colorado has much to offer, as writer Elle Griffiths discovers on a whistle-stop... Read More »
How Flight Centre's Concierge Team Can Make your Queensland Holiday Amazing
Flight Centre’s dedicated Concierge team is just one of the many benefits that customers who book one of our tailor-made Journeys holidays enjoy. Concierge Michelle... Read More »
South Africa
A Fine Vantage: Discovering the Wines of South Africa's Garden Route
Flight Centre’s Tessa Buckman travels along South Africa’s renowned Garden Route, taking in dramatic scenery, wildlife and a glass or two of the good... Read More »
Hollywood’s Chris Hemsworth Talks Australia Holidays
Hollywood actor; heart-throb; Home & Away star. Australian native Chris Hemsworth is all of these things, but most importantly he’s a family man. That’s why... Read More »
The Locals' Guide to Queensland, Australia
The unique story of Queensland, Australia’s second-largest state, is best told by the people who live there. These are the people who will help you get to the heart... Read More »
What to Expect from a Trip to Borneo
You might have heard of Borneo, but you won't really discover its wonders until you experience them first hand, writes Lucy... Read More »
An Interview with Bruce Poon Tip of G Adventures
Ellie Fazan speaks to philanthropist and founder of G Adventures, Bruce Poon Tip...Broke and more than 3,100 miles from the check-in desk for my pre-booked flight... Read More »
Share the Dream at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018
Calling all sports fans! The Commonwealth Games are heading to the Gold Coast in Australia in 2018 and we're delighted to announce that Flight Centre is the only UK high... Read More »
Start your Journey in Style in the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse
Nothing tells you you’re finally starting your holiday like arriving at the lounge. And there aren’t many better lounges out there than the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse... Read More »
5 Reasons Why You Should Stopover in Singapore
Small but perfectly formed, Singapore is the ultimate melting pot, blending cuisines, architecture and art in astonishing style. Stay for a day or longer. You won’t... Read More »
Segwaying through the Vines in Stellenbosch
Off the back of a recent trip to South Africa, Flight Centre Travel Expert James Howe tells us all about his experiences in the country's best-known wine region...With... Read More »
New York
A Flight Centre Concierge Guide to Spending 72 Hours in New York City
New York is a mystical place – the stuff of movie romanticism, retail therapy at its best, and Art Deco travel landmarks, beloved the world over. Its fame, though,... Read More »
Discover Sydney, Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef with Flight Centre
Can you really see enough of Australia in a fortnight? Yes you can. Lauren Jarvis takes us on Flight Centre's two-week Sydney, Rock & Reef Journey, covering the... Read More »
How I Got Hooked on Queensland
My best-ever month was spent exploring Queensland with a childhood friend, tells Ellie Fazan. Swimming in the dazzling blue water off the coast; barbecuing seafood so... Read More »
Explore Hobart, Mona and Beyond in Tasmania
An island off an island, a land of wilderness, a place at the edge of the world. Tasmania is all these things. But since unorthodox gallerist David Walsh opened his... Read More »
The Best Events in Australia
There’s enough to see and do in Australia to keep you coming back at any time of the year. Start filling your diary with untold adventures, like... Read More »
Take the Scenic Route from Melbourne
While Sydney boasts Australia’s most recognisable cityscape, Melbourne has quietly fostered its most sophisticated cultural scene, with a vibrant lifestyle that has... Read More »
Middle East
Why You Should Stopover in Dubai
Soaring skyscrapers, sensational shopping and seven-star hotels – Dubai is evolving at breathtaking speed. But, as Gavin Thomas reveals, there’s more to this city... Read More »
How to Go Big in Bangkok
Bangkok. From colonial architecture to rooftop bars and foodie delights, this Southeast Asia stopover destination – with its head-whirling mix of old and new – has... Read More »
The Best Places to Visit in South Australia
While smaller than most of the country’s other state capitals, you’ll soon feel at home in the welcoming city of Adelaide. And with many of South Australia’s best... Read More »
Flight Centre Travel Blog Awards 2017 Winners Announced
Established Travel Blog category winner: Eat Sleep Love TravelUp and Coming Travel Blogs category winner: Salt in our HairAustralia Travel Blogs category... Read More »
Middle East
A Beginner's Guide to Exploring Iran with G Adventures
The cat’s been out of the bag for a while, and Iran is now officially the worst-kept secret on the tourist radar. Last year, direct flights from London took off for... Read More »
Flight Centre Now Selling NEW Qantas Non-Stop Flights to Perth
At Flight Centre, we're so excited about the launch of the world's first direct flight to Australia, flying with Qantas, that we're celebrating with non-stop holidays to... Read More »
Singapore Sling: A Stopover Guide to Singapore
Vibrant street life, stunning green spaces, spectacular architecture. And don’t even get us started on the food... With surprises at every turn, a stopover in... Read More »
5 of the Best Family Hotels
What makes a great family hotel? Great pools, good family entertainment and kids’ clubs – not to mention sunshine and blue sky, says Flight Centre’s Ruth... Read More »
Brits Abroad: Tips for Visiting Australia from the UK
It may have been a far-flung destination you used to only dream of, but today Australia is more accessible than ever. According to our data, where people used to spend... Read More »
A City Guide to Hanoi
Before you leap into your Vietnamese odyssey, spend time in colourful Hanoi, a 24-hour city with a historic heart...Rise and shineDespite the lively hustle, Hanoi has a... Read More »
New Zealand
Eat Your Way Around New Zealand
What’s the best way to get to know the country that you’re in? Eat your way around it, of course...People want to taste where they are when they travel,” says... Read More »
Shopping Secrets From Around the World

Former fashion stylist and style writer Isabel Dexter shares her shopping secrets from around the globe...

Read More »
Flight Centre is the World's No 1 Travel Agency for Australia Holidays
Bonzer news! Flight Centre is the number one travel agency to Australia! Globally we sell more than 1.3 MILLION tickets to Oz every year, with tens of thousands of those... Read More »
What to Know About the Personal Electronics Ban on Flights
On Tuesday 21 March 2017 the US government announced that certain electronic devices will be forbidden in the cabins of particular flights from the Middle East and North... Read More »
The Ultimate 50 Things to Do In the USA
Forget the tourist traps and clichés. At Flight Centre we've worked with our Experts both here and in the USA to come up with the ultimate list of things to do in the... Read More »
An Expert’s Guide to Africa
“From mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda to the great migration across the Masai Mara, this part of the world shows nature at its best.”Tom Grapes is a huge... Read More »
Australia: The Wild Continent

This article originally appeared in the April 2015 issue of Flight Centre UK's tri-annual magazine: The Experts.

Read More »
In Conversation about Africa Conservation
“When you realise the value of all life, you dwell less on what is past and concentrate more on the preservation of the future” – Dian FosseyWatching Lake... Read More »
The Best Places to Eat in Marbella
Whatever your budget, whatever your mood, Marbella and neighbouring Puerto Banus offer a huge selection of different cuisines, so much so that choosing can be quite the... Read More »
Exploring Orlando, Miami and the Florida Keys
Windows down, shades on, music blaring; a road trip is the best way to see the USA, reckons Helen Wright. Seven days into my Journey, I’d already been on quite an... Read More »
An Expert's Guide to Eastern Canada and the USA
“Amazing cities, history and culture, stunning lakes, mountains and national parks, and an abundance of nature. They’ve got it all!”As you can tell, Dominique... Read More »
Travel Icon: Uluru (Ayers Rock)
The undisputed heart of Australia, Uluru – sometimes known as Ayers Rock – seems to float on an ocean of coloured lights. It is timeless majesty.Sacred, eternal,... Read More »
An Expert's Guide to Southwest Australia
“Here the sunsets over the ocean are spectacular. And you’re spoilt with remote deserted beaches and boutique wineries. There’s nowhere quite like it.”This is... Read More »
Flight Centre UK Named Best Regional Travel Agency
We're delighted to announce that Flight Centre UK has won four awards in the British Travel Awards 2016!In a room full of fellow travel industry professionals, Flight... Read More »
How to Stay in Touch on Your Travels

We’ve come a long way since messages in bottles. These days there are loads of ways to make staying in touch with friends and family a breeze…

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Why the Philippines Should Be Next on Your Travel List
Long the preserve of gap-year kids and intrepid travellers, the Philippines is now firmly on the map thanks to a glittering collection of ‘world’s best beaches’... Read More »
The Best of Jamaica and the British Virgin Islands
Year-round sunshine, a laid-back pace of life and endless stretches of sugar-soft sand bring people flocking to the Caribbean. But with 28 island nations to choose from,... Read More »
My Greatest Journey: An Interview with Chris Packham
Those who remember his outlandish dress and spiky blond hair from The Really Wild Show in the 1980s will be surprised to hear that today, naturalist and television... Read More »
Incredible Travel Experiences to Add to Your Next Holiday
Wherever your next trip of a lifetime holiday is, make sure you add one of these extra-special travel experiences to your adventure. Because at Flight Centre, we know... Read More »
Turf and Surf in Queensland
There’s something about Queensland. Nowhere else do wildlife wonders and island escapes come together to such dramatic effect. And then, travel writer Helen Ochyra... Read More »
How I Spent a Year in Cape Town
Crowned best-value city break in The Sunday Times Magazine’s Value For Money Awards, Cape Town has more going for it than a cheap Rand. Writer Martha de Lacey sampled... Read More »
Abu Dhabi
48 Hours in Abu Dhabi
Andy Sherwood, Editor of What’s On Abu Dhabi, explains why the city makes the perfect summer stopover for families who need to catch their breath on journeys to... Read More »
The Flight Centre Guide to Family-Friendly Holidays
You’ve got to hand it to the kangaroo. When it comes to travelling with the kids, it’s hard to beat the hands-free parenting style that comes from having a pouch.... Read More »
Good Housekeeping Reader Recommended
The results came from a panel of Good Housekeeping readers who have booked a holiday or flights through Flight Centre during the last two years.All participants stated... Read More »
Top Last Minute Holiday Tips
What would be your ideal far flung destination if you were going to take a last minute trip abroad?We asked our team of experienced Travel Experts to nominate their... Read More »
New Zealand
How to Live like a Local on New Zealand’s South Island
Thinking of visiting New Zealand’s majestic South Island? At Flight Centre, we work closely with in-destination Experts who offer first-hand tips, advice and secrets... Read More »
Where to Go in Vietnam: North vs South
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre AU Many who visit Vietnam say it’s one of the most colourful countries in all of Southeast Asia. They might argue... Read More »
My Greatest Journey: An Interview with Monty Halls
Last summer, marine biologist and presenter of BBC2 series Great Barrier Reef, Monty Halls, led an expedition to record the Great Sardine Run in South Africa, a... Read More »
Flight Centre Travel Blog Awards 2016 Winners Announced
We had a fantastic response so thank-you to everyone who cast their votes in the inaugural Flight Centre Travel Blog Awards we ran throughout March. Having counted... Read More »
How to Be Healthy on Holiday
There’s nothing worse than getting sick, being struck down by flu or spending forever sniffing because of your allergies... Unless you get sick on holiday, that is.... Read More »
Almighty Adventures in the Best US National Parks
This article was taken from the latest issue of our travel magazine, The Experts.From the immense other-worldliness of the Grand Canyon to the ancient forests and... Read More »
Flight Centre Travel Blog Awards 2016
Here at Flight Centre we thought it was about time that individual bloggers and companies who share our passion for exploring the world receive recognition for their... Read More »
Bloggers Share their 2016 #Travelinspo
Still unsure as to where to travel in 2016? To help you find your perfect holiday we asked a number of bloggers to share their personal recommendations on where... Read More »
South America
Discovering the Highlights of Peru
Flight Centre Travel Expert Catriona Scott has just returned from a tailor-made trip to Peru. Here, she tells us all about her incredible adventure on our Peru: In the... Read More »
The Ultimate Macau Stopover Guide
Hong Kong has long been a top stopover destination, but only an hour away by high-speed ferry is the equally unique Macau, with an eclectic mix of ancient and modern... Read More »
New Year, New Travel Resolutions in 2016
Paying off debts, saving money, quitting smoking, spending more time with your family and going to the gym three times a week are all perfectly valid goals for January,... Read More »
Middle East
A Shopaholic’s Guide: 5 Must-Visit Shopping Spots in Dubai
Dubai is a shoppers’ paradise; no trip here is complete without spending a few days in its malls and souks, at the Shopping Festival, or exploring other smaller local... Read More »
New Zealand
Family Travel: Discovering New Zealand
There’s a good reason why our Experts are so well informed when it comes to giving you trusted advice on your holidays – it’s because they have hands-on experience... Read More »
A Foodies’ Guide to New South Wales
Home to Australia’s largest, arguably most famous city of Sydney, New South Wales covers a vast area of the country’s south-east corner and attracts tourists in... Read More »
South Pacific
Fiji: The Happiest Place on Earth
In Fiji words like ‘paradise’ come to the lips very easily. That’s because this archipelago nation of 333 islands is blessed with a blissful panoply of... Read More »
My Greatest Journey: An Interview with Simon Calder
As senior travel editor of The Independent, and a regular on BBC TV and radio, Simon Calder has accrued more air miles than the average Boeing 747. Here, he reveals his... Read More »
USA: Discover the California Coast
If it’s the legendary Californian coast that appeals, then you’ll find the stunning scenery, picturesque Pacific towns and open roads of this iconic region are... Read More »
USA: Journey into California's Canyons
How often have you fantasised about driving a classic American road trip and promised yourself you’ll do it ‘next year’? With our USA Journeys, there really is no... Read More »
Dream Journeys Down Under: Sydney
Make Sydney the first stop on your New South Wales tailor-made holiday and discover its diverse delights for... Read More »
From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City: A Journey in Vietnam
Vietnam has an epic beauty that operates in two gears. There’s the full-tilt buzz of daily life that beats at the heart of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Then there’s... Read More »
Intoxicating India: A Journey for the Soul
Flight Centre Travel Expert Natasha Brown has just returned from a tailor-made trip to India. Here, she tells us all about her incredible... Read More »
Why We're in Love with Thailand
From The Man with the Golden Gun to The Beach, Thailand has long dazzled the silver screen with its desert-island beauty. The narrow spit of land between the Gulf of... Read More »
The Toronto City Guide
Cultured, cosmopolitan and cool, the ‘New York City of Canada’ is currently topping the list of must-see city break... Read More »
Hit the Road: The Legendary Pacific Coast
Stretching north nearly 600 miles between Sydney and Queensland’s capital, Brisbane, New South Wales' Legendary Pacific Coast has all the ingredients of a perfect... Read More »
Hiking the Chilcotin on British Columbia's Central Coast
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogThe Chilcotin plateau lies between the Rocky Mountain range and the Coast Mountains, on Canada’s west... Read More »
History Abounds in Old Havana
This post originally appeared on the Flight Centre Australia blogRum, revolution, cheap cigars and classic cars – Havana is without doubt one of the Caribbean's most... Read More »
Veg Out: The 10 Best Cities for Vegans and Vegetarians
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogAt the global dinner table, there are just some places a meat avoider should, ahem, avoid, reckons... Read More »
7 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint when Travelling
From the Mayor of New York to even Pope Francis himself, more and more people around the world are working towards cutting down carbon emissions. But beyond carpooling... Read More »
Smorgasbord of Shopping in Hong Kong
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogWith more than seven million inhabitants squeezed into one of the most densely packed places on the... Read More »
A Blogger's Guide to Packing for Thailand
A bikini for the beach, hiking boots for the jungle and a good bag for the city. Thailand is a country that offers everything, so when it comes to packing you may need... Read More »
Phuket's Magnificent Underwater World
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogJust few hundred metres offshore, there are some magnificent underwater worlds to explore in Phuket. It... Read More »
Top 10 Favourite Street Foods Around the World
When it comes to travelling the world and trying the best market cuisine, Melissa Hie from @GirlEatWorld has you covered. We've asked this foodie to let us in on her... Read More »
Mauritius: The Star of the Indian Ocean
Is Mauritius in Africa, asks Dawn Jorgensen?We’re gathered around a table enjoying dinner while the warm sea breeze catches my shoulders, water laps below the wooden... Read More »
New Zealand
New Zealand: The Most Photogenic Place in the World
As a landscape photographer, and blogger of In a Far Away Land, Marta Kulesza is always on the lookout for the best scenic shots. Since moving to New Zealand, Marta has... Read More »
How to Spend 24 Hours in Dallas
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Canada's blogWhether you’re passing through on a road trip or have some time to kill between connecting flights at the... Read More »
Queensland's Best Beaches
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogQueensland owns beaches like Kelly Slater owns surfing. With 84 patrolled swim spots, 25 surf schools, the... Read More »
Take a Bite Out of Tasmania
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogThe fertile soils of the Apple Isle and the icy waters of the Tasman Sea and Southern Ocean work... Read More »
Orlando: Not Just for Children
This post originally appeared on the Flight Centre Canada blog.Think Orlando is just for families and children? Think again! Canadian Travel Consultant April... Read More »
Around Hong Kong in 7 Drinks
A concoction of salted caramel, vodka, grapefruit, strawberry, kumquat and lemon juice, made up only one of the drinks Ben Whitmarsh from Beyond Content tried and... Read More »
Insider Secrets: Road Rules in Vietnam
Just last year, a census in Vietnam revealed that this tiny coastal country is home to an estimated 37 million motorbikes. That’s about 15 million more motorbikes than... Read More »
Rising Above: The Best Rooftop Bars in Bangkok
Bangkok throws up a heady hodgepodge of adjectives: it’s amazing, bizarre, wonderful and impressive all at once. The entire city is awash with life, day and night, in... Read More »
North America
How to Experience Bermuda on a Budget
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre CanadaBritain’s oldest colony, Bermuda, is a land of pink sandy beaches, clear turquoise seas, and picturesque old... Read More »
Explore Sri Lanka: Pearl of the Indian Ocean
One of the most beautiful countries on earth, Sri Lanka lies like a teardrop-shaped gem off the southern tip of India, writes Donna Hardie. This vibrant jewel in the... Read More »
Splash, Bike, Hike in Tropical North Queensland
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre AUUnless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last century, you’d be aware that Tropical North Queensland is rather... Read More »
South America
4 Reasons You'll Fall in Love with Nicaragua
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre CanadaWith affordable accommodation, food, transportation, happy and helpful people, and a safe environment, Nicaragua is... Read More »
Delve Deep Into the Heart of Texas
This article originally appeared in the April 2015 issue of Flight Centre UK's tri-annual magazine: The Experts.Think of Texas and a collage of cowboys, cattle and the... Read More »
Virgin Atlantic Launches In-Flight Selfie Zones on Dreamliner
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia.Every narcissist’s dream, the selfie has become a part of daily life whether we like it or not. Now... Read More »
7 Epic Road-Trips Around The Southern Great Barrier Reef
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre AustraliaSouthern Great Barrier Reef may not exactly roll off the tongue, but it's incredibly easy on the eyes.This... Read More »
New York
5 Free Things to do in New York
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre CanadaThere’s plenty to see and do in New York City, but sometimes a vacation can quickly add up when you’re... Read More »
An interview with Levison Wood
Levison Wood had the nation in awe as he endured war, deserts and blisters on his incredible walk along the Nile. We caught up with the ambitious explorer to find out... Read More »
The Flying… Koala? Qantas Upgrades Four Koalas to Business Class
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre AUFour koalas have gone where many of us have yet to venture. A bunch of these furry marsupials received the VIP... Read More »
A City Break Guide to Chicago
Lou Malnati’s Cheese Deep Dish isn’t your regular pizza. The legendary slice is drenched in cheese and pools of sauce, and baked in pans deeper than cake... Read More »
In Focus: Bangkok, Thailand
Here I am, clinging to the back of a motorbike taxi as my smiling driver cuts through the honking traffic and shoots through the parking bay of an office block to skim a... Read More »
New Zealand
The Story Behind the Image: Dolphins in Kaikoura New Zealand
Welcome to our new series, The Story Behind the Image, in which we ask our team of Airfare Experts to share their favourite travel moments captured on camera. Our first... Read More »
The best hikes around the world
Each year, many of us sign up to a gym or vow to run a marathon, but why not take a different approach. The world is full of incredible natural landscapes, and these... Read More »
The Historical Landmarks of Cuba
Cuba is a country that has been looked upon in awe and mystery. The city’s streets appear as though they’ve been preserved in a time capsule, with classic cars,... Read More »
How to...Shop Like a Pro

The following extract is taken from Flight Centre magazine The Experts, with photos as credited.

Read More »
Destinaton: Winter Sun - Top 10 Escapes
The following extract is taken from Flight Centre magazine The Experts, with photos as credited. As you reluctantly emerge from your duvet on a dark and chilly... Read More »
Feeling festive: European Christmas markets
Snow-capped huts, mitten-warming mulled wine and the tantalising aroma of roasting chestnuts. Teresa Curran revels in the festive spirit of her favourite European... Read More »
North America
Whistlestop USA
The following extract is taken from Flight Centre magazine The Experts, with words by David Whitley and photos as credited.The USA has some of the most thrilling short... Read More »
The Big Aussie Reunion - Last Chance to Enter!
If you haven't entered The Big Aussie Reunion yet, we suggest you head over and tell your story right away, because entries close on October 31...that's tomorrow!Do you... Read More »
The Big Aussie Reunion: More of Your Stories
Have you heard about The Big Aussie Reunion? Do you have a loved one in Australia you haven't seen for years? Now's your chance to see them!Enter your story for a... Read More »
The Big Aussie Reunion: Your Stories so Far
Have you entered The Big Aussie Reunion yet?Until the end of October, you can enter to win a reunion with a loved one in Australia - there are 10 chances to win, and the... Read More »
New Zealand
5 Museums to Visit in Auckland
Unlike most capital cities, Auckland isn't exactly packed full of museums; not that it seems to bother visitors who use it as a launch pad to explore New Zealand’s... Read More »
Western Australia
Top Five Hidden Gems in Western Australia
Western Australia is known for its beautiful scenery, world-class beaches, and variety of interesting wildlife. WA is full of countless small towns and shires bursting... Read More »
South America
What not to miss in Bolivia
Suzanne Bearne gives the low-down on what you must see in South America’s cultural gem, Bolivia.Bolivia may be under-the-radar compared to its South American sister... Read More »
South America
Where to visit in Brazil
From booty shaking, blissful beaches and boho ‘hoods, Suzanne Bearne shares her must-see destinations in Brazil. With a diverse heritage that blends together African,... Read More »
Things to Consider When Planning Your Honeymoon
A honeymoon vacation will be for most couples a once-in-a-lifetime experience and so to make it memorable, it needs to be planned almost to perfection. If you’re... Read More »
The Best Bars in Melbourne
If you're planning a holiday in the hip Australian city of Melbourne, take note! Travel blogger Beverley reveals some of the best bars in Melbourne: You’re in... Read More »
Close Encounters at Adelaide's Cleland Wildlife Park
Travel writer Kirsty Stuart shares her experience of getting up close & personal with some of Australia's cutest creatures at Cleland Wildlife Park:The day I set out... Read More »
5 Reasons New Travellers Should Choose Australia
Australia is a good country for new travellers for many reasons. One of the most important things to consider when you're new at travelling is your destination. Some... Read More »
Hamilton Island: gateway to the Reef
The following extract is taken from Flight Centre magazine The Experts, with words by Steven Short and photos as credited.For breathtaking snorkelling and diving,... Read More »
Why Thailand is a Traveller’s Paradise…and how we can keep it that way
I fell in love with Thailand on the island of Koh Lanta. In many ways this was the perfect island in which to see the two different sides of travel in Thailand.As we got... Read More »
Middle East
Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai: A Review
The chances are if you haven’t heard of Atlantis, the resort, you’ve heard of The Palm where it is to be found standing tall above the ocean and staring back at Palm... Read More »
The Best Beaches in Phuket
With an international airport, access to numerous tropical islands in the Andaman Sea and plenty to offer in its own right, Phuket continues to be an essential stop for... Read More »
Middle East
Dos and Don'ts When Travelling in Dubai
If you’re heading to Dubai for the very first time or visiting on a stopover there is much to be considered before your trip. With such a variety of sights and... Read More »
6 of the best suitcases
The most important travel companion of them all; the one that doesn't leave your side no matter where you are in the world; the one that is with you through thick and... Read More »
North America
The most Vegas things to do in Las Vegas
You think you know what to expect from the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World? For a city with nearly 40 million visitors a year, you can bet your bottom dollar (and... Read More »
What is your Most Wanted destination?
For the month of February we have released our Most Wanted sale, featuring offers on worldwide flights and holidays. Most Wanted flights start at £269pp and holidays... Read More »
The highlights of Mexico
Mexico welcomes 20 million overseas visitors every year, making it one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Famed for its beautiful beaches,... Read More »
A Guide to the Most Iconic Sights in Australia
There are certain images that always spring to mind when you start to fantasise about a trip down under. Australia has some truly inspiring iconic sights that should be... Read More »
5 places to visit at Christmas
Are you tired of mince pies, grumpy in-laws and that song by Slade? Does the feeling of Christmas creeping up on you make you feel slightly like a hunted animal? Do your... Read More »
Kangaroo Island
Discovering Kangaroo Island
Not so long ago, Adelaide was considered to be a place that visitors to the Great Ocean Road would simply stop in before heading to one of Australia’s better-known... Read More »
5 Must Try Experiences in Bangkok
Bangkok is a bustling metropolis and the capital of Thailand. It captivates the attention of many travellers and is now the most visited city in the world by... Read More »
Five Ways to Be Wowed in Dubai
There’s nothing like the wow factor of Dubai. This futuristic-looking city set between the endless desert and the sea is home to a host of experiences that will... Read More »
The Christmas gift guide for the guy who has everything
Admittedly, blokes are pretty near impossible to shop for when it comes to gifts. With Christmas approaching, an entire league of mothers, wives, sisters and girlfriends... Read More »
Why is Melbourne so cool?
The more I travel the more I realise that countries have two types of "capitals". There are the capital cities in the traditional sense of the word; the political heart... Read More »
New Zealand
Two week road trip itinerary for New Zealand
Frankie, the blogger behind As the Bird Flies, tells us about her two week road trip through New Zealand. Warning: This post WILL make you want to pack your bags and... Read More »
New Zealand
How to enjoy New Zealand if you're not an extreme adventurer
New Zealand is known for its natural beauty and extreme adventures. Most people visit to take part in any number of adrenaline heavy activities. But what if that's not... Read More »
Gold Coast
7 More Things to Do on the Gold Coast than Just Visiting Surfer’s Paradise
Victoria Philpott from tells us more about their I’m a Backpacker... Get Me in There competition and exposes the rainforests, national parks, retreats and... Read More »
New Zealand
Campervanning our way through New Zealand: Our Highlights
Barry from Worldy Nomads tells us about his campervanning trip in New Zealand.We’re always a little embarrassed when we talk about what we did, or more importantly,... Read More »
Western Australia
5 Food & Drink experiences in Western Australia
Ben Whitmarsh tells us about five of the best foodie experiences available in Western Australia. Warning: this post will induce both wanderlust and serious hunger!Tell... Read More »
A guide to Thai street food
Thai food has to be some of the best food on the planet. From banana pancakes to creamy curries, garlic noodles and sweet treats, Thailand has a delicious range of tasty... Read More »
Interview: Adventurous family travel in Thailand
Here at Flight Centre we meet so many interesting people who have incredible adventures all over the world and we thought it was time to start sharing their experiences.... Read More »
Travel Essentials for a Comfortable ‘Flights’ Sleep
Our guest blogger today is Gwennie Taylor, a travel and lifestyle blogger from Eat Travel Love. She's currently travelling around the USA, Central and South America so... Read More »
10 tips for creating a travel journal
Laura Zito tells us why she thinks you should keep a travel journal and shares some great tips to make sure you come back and read it in years to come.I'm a massive fan... Read More »
Hong Kong
6 unmissable things to see and do in Hong Kong
Ali McClymont tells us about the unmissable things to see and do while visiting Hong Kong.Hong Kong. A city rammed with culture and craziness. Despite being one of the... Read More »
How to choose the right travel tour for you
Tours are a great way to travel if you want to see as much of a new destination as possible without the stress and hassle of organising everything alone.  Travel tours... Read More »
North America
Skiing in Canada: 5 things that give it the edge
If you're starting to think about your winter ski or snowboard holiday then read on as Ben Whitmarsh tells us why Canada is such a great place for a snow... Read More »
Forget backpacking, go flashpacking!
Laura Zito gives us the lowdown on how to travel in style while staying on budget. Welcome to the world of flashpacking...Backpacking is undoubtedly a lot of fun and... Read More »
Confessions of an (Anonymous) Air Hostess
Frequent flier and travel addict, Laura Zito, has been chatting to an anonymous air hostess and asking for her tips on how to make friends with the... Read More »
Abu Dhabi
Top things to do in Abu Dhabi
Ali McClymont tells us about some of the best things to do in Abu Dhabi from camel rides to water parks to seeing the cultural attractions, historic sites and... Read More »
10 travel hacks that will make your trip easier
Experienced traveller, Laura Zito, has shared her top 10 travel hacks to make sure your next holiday goes without a glitch. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or... Read More »
10 Things to know when road-tripping in Australia
Australia. The land of kangaroos, endless beaches and Crocodile Dundee. While you may associate the world's largest island with countless clichés ranging from... Read More »
Learning to surf in Noosa, Australia
When you’re travelling along the East Coast of Australia, one of the number one things you simply have to try is surfing. I was travelling with Greyhound Coaches... Read More »
The best songs for an all-American road trip
Here at Flight Centre we think that road trips are a great way to see a country. You have the freedom to travel at your own pace and enjoy the views along the way. You... Read More »
Experiencing the History and Culture of Dubai
Dubai.  Just a mention of this name is enough to conjure up images of a city that, despite being a desert, has the best of everything that money can buy; Luxury,... Read More »
North America
5 Alternative Things to do in NYC
Jessica Dante shows us five unusual things to do in New York.If you'd like to visit New York then don't miss out on our Flash Sale today with return flights for just... Read More »
5 tips for travelling with hand luggage only
Travel writer, Ali Garland, shares her tips to make travelling with hand luggage as easy as possible.Traveling with only hand luggage can be liberating. You won't have... Read More »
North America
St Petersburg/Clearwater: The dream holiday destination
Ask anyone to describe their dream holiday destination and there’s a high chance they’re going to say:Powder white beachesClear and warm turquoise seasOutdoor... Read More »
New York
How to see New York on a budget
Suzanne Bearne shares her tips on how to see New York on a budget.You might think it well nigh impossible to visit one of the world’s most captivating cities and not... Read More »
New Zealand
An adventurous photo journey through New Zealand
Travel blogger, Arianwen Morris, takes us on an adventurous journey through New Zealand and shows us some of the most amazing things to do in this beautiful country.It... Read More »
New Zealand
5 Places to Eat in Auckland
Heavily influenced by Melbourne’s café culture, Sydney’s signature fine dining and Asia’s love of fresh and vibrant dishes, the Auckland food scene is thriving. ... Read More »
The Crazy World of Delhi
Seasoned traveller, Jen Lowthrop, reveals some of the best things to do in the crazy city that is Delhi.India has everything but to the untrained eye can be seen as busy... Read More »
New Zealand
5 unusual attractions in New Zealand
Emma shows us a different side to New Zealand with a guide to unusual things to see and do.So you're looking to go to New Zealand? And you know full-well there are lots... Read More »
Where to eat in Sydney
There’s no doubt about it; Sydney is home to beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and attractions people come from all over the world to see.  You can’t go to... Read More »
New Zealand
5 Scenic Spots New Zealand
It’s with good reason that New Zealand has come to be most famously associated with striking scenery. Not only does the country boast impressive landscapes, but it’s... Read More »
Chiang Mai
Cooking in Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai is one of those places where everyone seems to do a course. Whether it's yoga, massage, Thai boxing or cooking there are loads on offer so you could easily... Read More »
New Zealand
Top 10 Things to Do in Auckland
If you’re travelling to New Zealand you’re going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful beaches, adrenaline-filled adventures and more stunning scenery... Read More »
How to spend 3 days in Kathmandu
Travel blogger, Jen Lowthrop, shares her Kathmandu travel tips and the best things to see and do if you’re spending a few days in... Read More »
New Zealand
Exploring New Zealand's Bay of Islands
When visiting New Zealand it can be easy to head straight to the major tourist spots, but one of the most charming traits of New Zealand is that just about everywhere is... Read More »
10 tips for a Comfortable Flight
Travelling to a new and exotic destination is one of the most exciting feelings in the world but the long-haul flight to get there is probably one of the worst. The... Read More »
Getting the most out of Cuba
Canadian travel bloggers, Matt and Caro, take us on a journey through Cuba and show us how to get the most out of a Cuban adventure. Here's what they got up to with just... Read More »
The top 5 things to do in Asia
If you’re looking for an epic adventure to experience exotic new destinations and cultures then there is no better place to go than Asia. Whether you’re looking for... Read More »
How to Avoid the Crowds on Two of Thailand’s Most Popular Islands
Travel writer, Kirsty Stuart, shares her advice on how to avoid the crowds in Thailand and discover a quieter side to island life on Koh Samui and Koh Pha... Read More »
Australian Adventures: An Outback Firework Show
Cat Mills takes us on a journey to the Australian Outback to experience a firework show like no... Read More »
San Francisco
Top 10 things to do in San Francisco

Scroll down for some San Francisco photo inspiration and the top 10 things to do while you’re there.

Read More »
Piecing together the Ruins of Pompeii
Today's  blogger, Emily Ray, shares a magical glimpse into the past in Pompeii. If you're looking for a European adventure, there is now up to 50% off our summer... Read More »
Adelaide: Australia’s Unsung Hero
Kirsty Stuart tells us more about the city which she believes is Australia's best kept secret...With iconic cities like Sydney and Melbourne to compete with, Adelaide... Read More »
How to Smoast in Style
We’ll start with the basics in this mini guide on how to smoast in style, so for those of you who are wondering what on earth smoasting is, this part is for you.What... Read More »
New England: home of the diner…and the Triple Murder Burger
Ben Whitmarsh tells us more about his foodie adventure in New England.This blog post was going to be about the ‘5 best food experiences in New England.’It was going... Read More »
Top 10 festivals around the world in July
July is always an exciting month and it’s a busy time all around the world with countless festivals that will please your cultural side as well as your artistic,... Read More »
Middle East
How to Choose the Best Desert Safari Adventure in Dubai
When you think of Dubai your mind may immediately turn to gorgeous beaches, eclectic cultures and searing temperatures – all set against a backdrop of majestic... Read More »
The Best Beaches in Sydney
Cat Mills reveals her favourite beaches in Sydney for the perfect spot to relax and soak up the sun. To say that there are many things that draw millions of tourists... Read More »
Scuba Diving on Phi Phi and Koh Tao
When it comes to the underwater world, Thailand is blessed with some amazing dive sites. The mix of warm waters, great value and heaps of marine life have made The Land... Read More »
North America
10 of our favourite films set in Las Vegas
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Well, unless a clever director makes a movie there and shares it with the world. Here are some of our favourite films from Las... Read More »
North America
Highlights from Las Vegas
Today's writer is Sophie Williams who shares some of her favourite things to see in Las Vegas. Planning a trip to Sin City can be incredibly stressful –... Read More »
Pizza and Philadelphia: The world's first pizza museum

Suzanne Bearne visits Philadelphia to discover the world’s first shrine to all things pizza-related.

Read More »
Enjoying Melbourne’s Café Culture
Cat Mills tells us about getting a caffeine hit in Australia's cultural capital, Melbourne.Before I left for my 20 day stint in Australia I had consulted a few Aussie... Read More »
Having Lunch on the World’s Most Active Volcano
Cat Mills tells us about her adventurous trip to Sicily which ended in... Read More »
Five Tips for Solo Female Travel
Have you ever wanted to take a holiday but you’ve had no one to travel with? Don’t let travelling alone put you off. Travelling solo can be a great experience and... Read More »
Our 5 favourites in Asia
The 3-day Asia sale has begun! Book by 16 May and SAVE up to 50% on flights, holidays, adventure tours and hotels.Exotic, mysterious, charming, beautiful, chaotic or... Read More »
Tips for surviving family holidays
Travelling with your family can be one of the best times of your life but it can also be hard work, especially if you’re travelling with young children. We’ve asked... Read More »
The Best Travel Safety Tips
Kirsty Stuart shares some of her top tips to ensure you have a safe and happy holiday no matter where you're travelling to. Whether you’re going on a six month... Read More »
5 things to do in Hong Kong
Travel blogger, Jaillian Yehia, from Savoir There gives us the 101 on things to see and do during your first trip to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the original... Read More »
New York
New York on a plate: Where to get your fill
Susie Bearne takes us on a tasty tour of New York and tells us about her favourite places to eat in the Big Apple.New York wipes the floor with other cities when it... Read More »
The Best Thai Beaches
We thought we'd share some stunning Thai beaches to get you in the mood and give you some inspiration for a trip to Thailand.Thailand is famous for it's... Read More »
Visiting Thailand? Why You Can't Miss Chiang Mai
Travel writer Kirsty Stuart shares her love for Chiang Mai and explains why you can't miss it on your trip to Thailand.If you’re planning a trip to Thailand then... Read More »
Where to stay in Siem Reap
Travel blogger, Jaillian Yehia, from Savoir There shares 5 fabulous places to stay in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Siem Reap in Cambodia is the jumping off point for one of... Read More »
5 Ways to Enjoy Sydney for Free
Freelance travel writer, Kirsty Stuart, shares some of the best things to do in Sydney without spending a penny. And best of all, our Australia Flight Sale has just... Read More »
A pensive excursion in Ho Chi Minh
Teresa Curran recently returned from an eight-day Essence of Vietnam tour with Peregrine Adventures that she won in a competition we ran last year. This post describes... Read More »
The Berlin Wall: History in the Hipster City
Travel blogger, Backpacker Becki, tells us the best places to see the preserved sections of the Berlin Wall and shares what the wall means to the city.Don't forget that... Read More »
8 Tips For Photographic Freedom In Berlin
Travel blogger Jai Yehia has just returned from Berlin where she took a photography workshop in the beautiful city. She shares her top photography tips and an insight... Read More »
Spring rolls and cycling in Hoi An
Teresa Curran recently returned from an eight-day Essence of Vietnam tour with Peregrine Adventures that she won in a competition we ran last year. Here she... Read More »
The Best Jobs in the World
Back in 2009 Tourism Australia offered ‘the best job in the world’ to one lucky applicant who went on to become ‘Caretaker of Hamilton Island’ on the Great... Read More »
New York
Highlights from New York City
Travel blogger and photographer,Chris Stevens, shares his highlights from New York City as well as how you can chill out in the city and his thoughts on Ground... Read More »
A winter weekend in Venice
Cat Mills says winter is the best time to visit Venice – when the canals are veiled in mist and the summer crowds have gone... After living in Malta for several... Read More »
Wicked and weird at La Tomatina
Purveyor of festivals wicked, weird and just plain bizarre, Cat Mills heads to La Tomatina to find out what the tomato-squelching fuss is about. And gets herself... Read More »
Sweet tooths take note: Budapest has the goods
Travel blogger and sugar-addict Sophie Williams discovers the cafe culture of Hungary’s capital – and indulges in a few luxurious treats along the way.Budapest is... Read More »
Honeymoon destinations with a difference in South Australia
Today, tastes in honeymoons come in all flavours. Floating on a sun drenched golden isle in an aquamarine ocean may not be for everyone. So, if your keywords are ‘off... Read More »
Pastry and paradise at Crimson Resort & Spa, the Philippines
It’s all about the pastry for trendy travel blogger Jaillan Yehia when she visits Crimson Resort & Spa in the Philippines. Well, and the pool, and the Jacuzzi, and... Read More »
Life in Namibia
Flight Centre’s own Gemma Budd was lucky enough to experience life in a local Namibian community on a recent trip to Africa. Here are some photos from her... Read More »
The best Copenhagen eats
Forget swanky Michelin-starred restaurants, says Emma Dance. In Copenhagen it’s all about the hot dogs (and as a foodie blogger, she’d know!).This was no ordinary... Read More »
Top 5 things to do in Beijing
Visiting Beijing can be daunting, says travel blogger Sophie Williams, as there’s so much to see and do. Lucky for us, Sophie has crafted a list of the top five things... Read More »
New York
Brooklyn’s shining
When visiting New York, Manhattan is often the star of the show. But travel blogger Suzanne Bearne says that Brooklyn makes the perfect leading lady. When you think... Read More »
Merry Christmas from the Flight Centre crew
We want to hear about your most memorable travel moments from 2012 – comment on this post to share yours! What a year it’s been! We’ve had an amazing time... Read More »
Paradise, Malaysian style
Travel blogger Jaillan Yehia was so blown away by Malaysia’s Pangkor Laut that she had to tell us about it. Now – if you need us, we’ll be en route to the... Read More »
New Zealand
Journey to Hobbiton: Discovering Matamata, New Zealand
Swept up with Bilbo’s quest? Fancy an unexpected adventure to Middle Earth? Travel blogger Teresa Curran notices that things have gone a bit Hobbit-mad in New... Read More »
3 of the best European Christmas markets
Guest blogger Jaillan Yehia usually struggles with colder climes – but that all changes come Christmas when she’s a sucker for short breaks to snowy Christmas... Read More »
The seven wonders of Egypt
There are so many incredible things in Egypt that you can compile a 'seven wonders' list without even leaving the country. Here, guest blogger Andrew Allen (aka The... Read More »
The art of travelling alone
Ready for a week-long trip or a round the world adventure but can't seem to muster any of your busy friends? Or simply want to spend some quality time exploring a new... Read More »
Perfect Paris: discovering the Latin Quarter
Travel blogger Emma Dance had long ago ticked Paris off her ‘places to go’ list – but when the chance came to return to the city of light, the Latin Quarter stole... Read More »
Hong Kong’s peaceful outer islands
In Hong Kong, Sophie Williams escapes the hustle and bustle of the city to explore the peaceful outer islands.Discover Hong Kong with today's Flash Sale: return flights... Read More »
Further Bound: A little house in Goa
Travel blogger Hannah and her boyfriend Lee (who could once be found at the Hove Flight Centre branch) have recently embarked on an inspirational round the world trip.... Read More »
The Antipodean paraglides
During his week-long sailing trip around Turkey’s Turquoise Coast with Busabout, Andrew Allen (aka the Antipodean) took in the views from another angle – from the... Read More »
Kangaroo Island: Every piece of Australia in one place
Australia is known for its beautiful beaches, open roads and sand dunes. But what if you could find every piece of Australia in one island, asks Sophie... Read More »
New York
New York’s best movie locations
With 250 movies and TV shows filmed on its streets each year, it’s no wonder New York is the city that never sleeps. On a recent trip to the Big Apple, Emily Ray set... Read More »
Heaven in Hua Hin
Looking to plan that one last summer getaway before winter sets in? If you’re looking for a value for money beach break, Sophie Williams says Hua Hin in Thailand is... Read More »
A day afloat: Sailing the Turquoise Coast
Don’t be jealous, but Andrew Allen’s just got back from a week sailing Turkey’s Turquoise Coast with Busabout. If the idea of sailing effortlessly over warm, clear... Read More »
A relaxing yoga retreat in Thailand
Have you ever felt like you could use a holiday to get over your holiday? Travel junkie Monica Stott, who is one of our social media specialists and blogs over on The... Read More »
A thrill seeker’s guide to Orlando’s theme parks
Keen to hit the adrenaline-pumping theme parks of Orlando but overwhelmed by choice? Benedict Montgomery gives us the run down on his top attractions in the city of... Read More »
New York
Walk the Line: New York's urban oasis
Suspended over the streets of New York's trendy Meatpacking District, there lies an oasis of urban respite. Stylish travel blogger Jaillan Yehia tells us why New York's... Read More »
Lazy days on Daytona Beach
A last minute decision to fly to Florida for a well-earned holiday finds Colleen Setchell relaxing on Daytona Beach – where the faces are happy and the ice cream is... Read More »
4 minutes in Asia
Earlier this year, adventure addicts Barry and Laura quit their jobs and booked a round the world trip. With no firm end point in mind, they set off for South East Asia,... Read More »
Setting off in style: Experiencing London Heathrow Clubhouse
Who said stylish travel should only start when you’re handed the keys to your plush hotel room? So asks traveller Suzanne Bearne, who believes luxury should be part of... Read More »
St Lucia
Scuba in St Lucia
While holidaying in St Lucia, Laura Ridgers of donned scuba gear for the first time and nervously prepared to plunge into the sea. But after learning... Read More »
Positano dreaming
Teresa Curran is dreaming of the warm seas and blue skies of Positano on the Amalfi Coast, Italy – the perfect place to while away the hours with a good book and glass... Read More »
Tastes of the Ottoman
It's a known fact that the way to a traveller's heart is through his stomach. At least, that’s how Andrew Allen fell in love with the countries he visited on his... Read More »
Budgeting for travel - a consultant's advice
One of the privileges of being a travel consultant is that you often double as an agony uncle or aunt, writes Flight Centre consultant Miles Buckeridge. Here, he gives... Read More »
An Antipodean guide to Turkish baths
In Istanbul as part of his Busabout Ottoman Trek, Andrew Allen (aka The Antipodean) steps timorously into a Turkish bath and faces a common dilemma: what (not) to... Read More »
What it’s really like to go on safari
Just a few weeks ago Victoria Philpott was hanging out with the lions, hippos, leopards and buffalos in Tanzania. Today she reveals what it’s really like to get the... Read More »
Ten ingenious travel apps (you’ve probably never heard of)
There’s no denying that we’re becoming more and more reliant on our mobiles to help us navigate the tricky world of travelling. If you’ve downloaded all the... Read More »
The Ottoman Trek: A Daily Snapshot
The Antipodean’s Andrew Allen took the path less travelled through the Balkans with Busabout’s Ottoman Trek. From the blue waters of Split to the history of Bosnia,... Read More »
Hong Kong: Asia’s World City
Hong Kong really is an Asian city like no other. Emily Ray discovers its effortless blend of traditional Chinese culture infused with Western influences, and a city... Read More »
Simon Reeve’s story behind the picture: in Madagascar
He’s braved frontline conflict, hunted with the bushmen on the Kalahari, dived with sharks, survived malaria and been adopted by former headhunters... and now he’s... Read More »
Chris Coe's Photography Tips (Part 2)
Last month we shared the first instalment of Travel Photographer of the Year founder Chris Coe’s tips for taking better travel photography. From the looks of the... Read More »
Live Q&A with Travel Photographer Anthony Cullen
On Friday we hosted a live Twitterview with award-winning photographer and judge of our cheeky World's Worst Travel Photographer competition, Anthony Cullen. For one... Read More »
Meet Norman, this week’s worst travel photographer
If you haven’t met Norman Price yet, it’s time that you did. He’s been keeping us entertained here in the Flight Centre office with his seemingly limitless archive... Read More »
Peregrine Vietnam Adventure – the winning story
It’s a great day for celebrating winners! Following the announcement of our Photograph Morocco winner, we are pleased to reveal the lucky person who’ll be blogging... Read More »
Travel writer Max Wooldridge’s story behind the photo
Our star-studded World’s Worst Travel Photographer judging panel includes a host of travel photographers and writers poised to pick the travel snapper most in need of... Read More »
Kirsten Alana answers your mobile photography questions
Ever wanted to know how to take better travel snaps with your mobile? Sick of lugging your bulky camera around?Mobile photographer and iPhoneography expert Kirsten Alana... Read More »
Anthony Cullen’s top tips for better travel photos
We’ve been inundated with hilarious entries into our World’s Worst Travel Photographer contest this week. Have you been voting for your favourites? This week’s... Read More »
The world's most photogenic places
Earlier this week we launched a fun competition to discover the World’s Worst Travel Photographer. We must admit, we knew there’d be some bad entries, but you are... Read More »
Big Outback Adventure - First glimpse of Uluru
Flight Centre’s Jayne Gorman joined the winners of the Kiss 100 Big Outback Adventure competition as they explored Australia’s mesmerising Northern Territory. Tasha... Read More »
Kirsten Alana's mobile photography tips
Our competition to find the World’s Worst Travel Photographer includes a category especially for mobile photography. Have you entered your worst mobile travel snaps... Read More »
New Orleans to Memphis - USA Road Trip Part 3
We last left Jenny Lowthrop mid-mutton busting in Texas. Continuing her USA Road Trip, Jenny enjoys a whistle-stop tour of New Orleans before heading to the home of... Read More »
World’s Worst Travel Photographer 2012 – Simon Reeve tells us what he’s looking for
Throughout the competition, we'll have loads of hints and tips from our expert judges on how to AVOID being the World's Worst Travel Photographer. But there's plenty of... Read More »
Chris Coe's Photography Tips (Part 1)
Travel Photographer of the Year founder Chris Coe tells us what it takes to NOT be the World’s Worst Travel Photographer.Do you marvel at the calibre of shots taken by... Read More »
Story behind the picture: Anthony Cullen's Tomatina
Award winning photographer and judge of the World’s Worst Travel Photographer Competition Anthony Cullen reveals the story behind one of his famous shots.Today we... Read More »
Are you the World’s Worst Travel Photographer?
We’re on a mission to find the World’s Worst Travel Photographer 2012. Is it you? Send us your worst travel snaps to find out!Do you marvel at the creative genius... Read More »
Big Outback Adventure - Discovering Darwin
Close encounters of the reptilian kind: Jayne Gorman gets up close and personal with the Northern Territory’s more – intimidating – attractions and discovers... Read More »
Malaysia: the Jewel of South East Asia
Looking for incredible food, pristine beaches and awesome diving? Get thee to Malaysia for all this and more - without the crowds.When you think of South East Asia you... Read More »
Big Outback Adventure - The Winner's Story
Remember we told you about those 10 lucky people we were sending on a Big Outback Adventure in Australia's Northern Territory in association with Kiss 100? Did you see... Read More »
North America
A North American City Hop
Guest blogger Tex Fisher explores New York, Toronto and Wasington DC and tries not to blow the budget in the process.Everyone I told I was going to America rolled their... Read More »
First time in Upper Class with Virgin Atlantic
Susie Bearne talks us through her first experience of flying Upper Class with Virgin Atlantic and wonders how she will ever go back to Economy again!It’s 8.15am.... Read More »
Only in Texas… USA Road Trip Part 2
Continuing on her American Road Trip, Jenny parties in Vegas, meets the cowboys and cowgirls of Texas and finds out what Mutton Busting is!After spending a week... Read More »
California Cruising – USA Road Trip Part 1
An all-American road trip features high on many people's travel wish lists (remember Flight Centre consultant Eva Martin who spent her honeymoon on Route 66?) Travel... Read More »
New York
The Ultimate Guide to Broadway Shows in New York City
You could say that Andrew Allen of The Antipodean Blog is a bit of a Broadway fan - on his last visit to New York he squeezed in eleven shows in just seven days, and... Read More »
Where to Stay in the South African Winelands
Franschhoek is synonymous the world over with fine wines and high-class dining, but the area is not strictly the preserve of bon vivants, as Jaillan Yehia... Read More »
The Other Side of Bali
This latest post by Featured Blogger Andrew Allen is dedicated to reader Grace who is going to Bali in July and wanted to know a little bit more about it! Andrew gets... Read More »
New York
Review of The Virgin Clubhouse at New York JFK International
Whilst on a shopping trip to New York freelance journalist Suzanne Bearne got to scope out the new Clubhouse for Upper Class Virgin passengers at JFK.“Would you like... Read More »
Our G Adventures Golden Triangle Tour – the Not-So-Good, and What to Do About It
In the final installment of this series from the winner of our G Adventures blogging contest, Jenna describes some of the lows you may experience in India and shares her... Read More »
Melbourne by taste
Andrew Allen explains how you can get to know Melbourne by eating your way around it! Most travellers experience a new destination with their eyes. Sometimes when... Read More »
Paris in a day
Flight Centre consultant and regular guest blogger, Eva Martin, proves that you can see Paris in a day. She visited all the big sights, sampled the local cuisine and... Read More »
Golden Triangle
Our G Adventures Golden Triangle Tour – the Good…
Jenna continues sharing her impressions from her G Adventures tour of India.“Namaste,” he said, pressing his palms together in front of his heart, fingertips pointed... Read More »
Our American Road Trip Honeymoon
After getting hitched in Vegas, Flight Centre Travel Consultant Eva Martin, set off on an unforgettable All-American road trip!If you ask most newlyweds what they look... Read More »
Las Vegas
Our Las Vegas Wedding
A few short weeks ago Flight Centre consultant Eva Martin told us how and why she had planned her dream wedding in Las Vegas. Now she is back in the UK a happily married... Read More »
What You Need to Know About a Tour through India's Golden Triangle
Last year Jenna won our blogging contest in association with G Adventures and secured a place on a tour of India's Golden Triangle. Now she is back and will be... Read More »
New York
Hit the shops New York style
Shopaholics rejoice - guest blogger Suzanne Bearne brings us a guide to shopping in New York City!Think New York and the Empire State Building or Statue of Liberty might... Read More »
Bangkok-Bound: 5 ways to make the most of the city
Whether heading there on a city break or passing through on the way to the Thai Islands; this guide by travel writer Candace Rardon will help you make the most of your... Read More »
Cape Town
Should you Bond with Cape Town?
Jailan Yehia explains how Cape Town is a film star - in more ways than you may have known.Cape Town has been going undercover as one of the world’s top 10 filming... Read More »
Alice Springs
Exploring Alice Springs
When Vicky Philpott misjudged the distance between Alice Springs and Ayres Rock she found there was more to see in town than just the famous rock.‘Excuse me, which... Read More »
9 Things to Do in Litchfield National Park, Darwin
Victoria Philpott from decided it was time to leave the clubs and bars behind in Darwin and be ‘at one’ with nature at the famous... Read More »
We're flying high in The Sunday Times Top 100 Best Companies to Work For!
 This staff-voted accolade sees the company appearing at number 65, two places higher than in 2011. Flight Centre Group UK Managing Director Chris Galanty said the... Read More »
Kruger National Park
Drive Yourself Hazy at Kruger National Park
In Part 3 of Jaillan Yehia's account of her South African adventure she is taking in the stunning panoramas and meeting the local wildlife at Kruger National Park.Need... Read More »
South Australia
Sleeping Underground in Coober Pedy, South Australia
As an alternative to the typical tourist sights in Australia, Caroline Eubanks tells us about the time she spent the night in an underground bunker and went 'noodling'... Read More »
The Festival Highlight of South Australia: The Royal Adelaide Show
Victoria Philpott from learns that pigs can actually fly and that super-sized carrots win awards in a South Australia show more unique than... Read More »
Finding the 'Real Australia' on the West Coast
Flight Centre travel consultant Lizzie Kempson travelled from Perth to Darwin on the West Coast of Australia and decided that for her the 'West is best!'Most people tend... Read More »
Cape Town
Where to Stay in Cape Town: Urban Buzz on Adderley Street
In her previous post for us, Jaillan Yehia, shared her recommendations on where to stay for a relaxed beach break in Cape Town. In this post she reveals her tips for... Read More »
Cape Town
Where to Stay in Cape Town: A Beach Break at Bantry Bay
Travel writer Jaillan Yehia spent this winter enjoying the shores and safaris of South Africa. In the first of her series of guest posts on the trip she recommends a... Read More »
'I did it my way': How to plan a wedding in Vegas!
Flight Centre International Travel Consultant Eva Martin has meticulously created her dream wedding in Las Vegas. Here she shares with us why she made that decision and... Read More »
Los Angeles
Tracking Down Celebrities in LA
Victoria Philpott booked a week long trip to LA in the hope of spotting Hollywood film stars on every corner. Although the celeb count ended up “low”, the hunt led... Read More »
East Coast USA Explorations: Charm City and the Capital
Candace Rardon has just returned from a trip to the East Coast USA and tells us why there is much more to see there than the usual tourist hotspots of Boston and New... Read More »
Surfers Paradise
A Guide to Gold Coast Australia and a chance to go there for FREE
Marcus Sherifi from explains why you should visit the Gold Coast and how you can get there for free…The Gold Coast has quite a striking name, doesn’t it?... Read More »
Grand Canyon
The Antipodean's Guide to Las Vegas
We previously featured Andrew Allen's guide to his home town of Auckland. After experiencing an amazing holiday in Vegas he shares with us his Do's and Don'ts for a... Read More »
Halifax Travel Facts
Sam Willan from Flight Centre's Marketing team explains why and how you should enjoy an city break to Halifax on your next trip to Canada.When you think of a city... Read More »
Toronto: My Second Home Part 2
In the first installment of this guest post 2 parter by Toronto fan Nadine Stewart she told us about the best places for sightseeing, shopping and sports in the... Read More »
Toronto: My Second Home Part 1
Guest blogger Nadine Stewart knows and loves Toronto very well - mainly because most of her family live there! In this 2 part series she will share with us all her... Read More »
New York
Eating and drinking in NYC
From conversations on twitter with Gareth Watkins it became clear that he knew his way around the restaurants and bars of New York City. So, we asked him to share his... Read More »
Diving the Great Barrier Reef
Travel blogger Paul Corbett, editor of My Postcard From, was a little apprehensive about getting in the water to see the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia.... Read More »
My Australian Guilty Pleasures
Caroline Eubanks is an American writer currently exploring the best of Australia and has found herself growing fond of some unusual aspects of Aussie culture. These are... Read More »
New York
I Heart NYC
 Flight Centre customer Nadine Stewart has just returned from her fifth visit to New York. Her appetite for the Big Apple is insatiable and so she is... Read More »
Grand Canyon
Viva Las Vegas: A Photo Essay
Guest blogger Greg Dillon previously shared with us his favourite places to dine in NYC. After a recent trip to Vegas he shares with us his holiday snaps and makes us... Read More »
The Antipodean's Guide to Auckland
Who better to describe the highlights of Auckland than a resident themself? Over to Andrew Allen, otherwise known as The Antipodean.My home town is a wonderful city. I'm... Read More »
My Epic Thailand Holiday - report from a Trav Tweet Up Winner
Back in June Nicola Hughes followed our first twitter event, Trav Tweet Up, online from her home in Manchester. Her comedy tweet pic , shown below, won her the grand... Read More »
The Most Impressive Rooftop Bars in Asia
 This week we are swapping International Eats for an International drinks theme and where better to enjoy a tipple than in a rooftop bar overlooking your... Read More »
Bay of Islands
True North: 5 Can't-Miss Destinations on New Zealand's North Island
Although the attractions of New Zealand's South Island may be more well known than those of the North, guest blogger Candace Rardon discovers there are many sights that... Read More »
Tips for surviving long haul flights
 We first met Flight Centre consultant Miles Buckeridge when he shared his humorous first experience of Oz. In this post we ask him to share his tips on surviving... Read More »
Great Ocean Road
Secret gems on the Great Ocean Road
After Flight Centre consultant Holly Keeble and friends had finished exploring South East Asia the next part of their Round the World trip involved... Read More »
A jewel in The Old Town - review of Al Manzil Hotel, Dubai
Dubai is a place that doesn't deal in half measures; tall buildings, huge malls and big brand named hotels. If you are looking for a hotel that is big on service... Read More »
First time in Australia
Flight Centre consultant Miles Buckeridge wittily shares with us his first experience of Australia and explains why he can't wait to go back!You know when you look at... Read More »
Learning to Love the Bicycle in Laos
Guest blogger Jaillan Yehia - travel writer, holiday expert and owner of Savoir There - falls in love with the bicycle all over again after a dreamy ride in... Read More »
New South Wales
Surfing New South Wales - Part 2
Surf tourism is a key market in Australia and more and more surf schools are being setup to cope with the high demand – from luxury surf camps for those with a bigger... Read More »
Snorkels and Scooters in Samui: A Photo Essay Part 2
After seeing the sights of Bangkok and eating her way around the night markets of Chang Mai, Flight Centre UK's Artworks Team Leader, Caren Johnstone, headed to Ko Samui... Read More »
New South Wales
Surfing New South Wales - Part 1
Australia is one of the surf capitals of the world – the mixture of warm water, year round swell and miles of coastline make it the ideal destination for surfers of... Read More »
Starting a Round the World Adventure in Thailand
   Flight Centre consultant Holly Keeble started her Round the World trip in Thailand. After getting used to the heat and crazy traffic in Bangkok she was... Read More »
Welcome to Miami
Whether you prefer the beach, the city or a bit of adventure guest blogger Tom Jacobs explains how Miami has something for everyone.Miami is exactly like the fantastic... Read More »
India: love it or hate it?
 Flight Centre consultant Sally McCutchion was tempted by the colours and culture of India as depicted by an On the Go India brochure. After booking a last minute... Read More »
5 Big Things to see in Australia
There are lots of 'big' things to see in Australia as far as famous sights go. Ed Stalley's post on Uluru is just one example of that. In this post guest blogger Lauren... Read More »
The Red Centre, Australia: A photo Essay
This stunning photo essay of the Red Centre in the Northern Territory, Australia was contributed by Flight Centre staff member Ed Stalley. Ed, a manager in our High... Read More »
The Phuket Low-down
Todays guest blogger Connie Hum has spent the last couple of years travelling around Asia and currently resides in Hong Kong. Thailand is an attractive holiday... Read More »
5 Sweet Treats to try in Sydney
You may already be familiar with some of Sydney's attractions - the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach - but have you heard about it's tantalising cake shops... Read More »
Surprising Bangkok and Charming Chang Mai: A Photo Essay - Part 1
Flight Centre UK's very own Artworks Team Leader, Caren Johnstone, recently returned from an enchanting holiday in Thailand. In this post she talks us through her... Read More »
New York
New York: A culinary tour from street food to fine dining
 Greg Dillon is a native Brit who has been fortunate enough to live in the Big Apple for the past three months. He has been working hard touring around and trying... Read More »
New Zealand
Hiking to Mecca: A day on New Zealand's Tongariro Alpine Crossing
Guest blogger Candace Rose Rardon describes her unwarranted fear of the crowds on New Zealand's magnificent Tongariro Alpine Crossing.In the coolness of the early... Read More »
North America
Who needs Coachella? North American Festivals that rock!
 If you were too slow to pocket tickets to this years Coachella Festival you will be very pleased to know that it's not the only North American festival that rocks.... Read More »